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2008 August Archive

Recall of Three Unsafe Children’s Items

By Eddie Farah on August 30, 2008


More than 115,000 wooden infant toys, wooden puzzles, infant rattles, pacifier holders and stroller toys were recalled by manufacturer Habermaass Corporation of Skaneateles, New York due to a choking hazard according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).  There are 19 different types of toys in all. Many contain small pieces that can detach and choke an infant. Pieces include glued-on mirrors and the head of a ladybug. So far the CPSC has received 15 reports of items becoming detached. Consumers can identify the brand, made in Germany, by the “HABA” logo. They were sold nationwide at specialty toy stores from January 2002 through August 2008. They range in cost from $10 to $35. Habermaass can be contacted at (800) 468- 6873 ext. 107.

Bonne Bell is recalling a children’s cosmetics accessory bag due Read the rest »

Dram Shop Act Doesn’t Always Protect Underage Drinkers

By Eddie Farah on August 29, 2008


The Dram Shop Act begins with the ancient word “dram” that refers to a unit of weight equal to 1/8 of an ounce in apothecaries’ weight.  A dram shop became known as a place where liquor was sold. 

Generally, dram shop laws today refer to the liability of any establishment that sells alcohol to a minor or to someone who is visibly intoxicated, and then causes death or injury to a third party.

They are used to sue adults who knowingly allow teenage parties at their home where liquor is involved.

In Florida, the Dram Shop Act statute says that a person who sells or provides alcohol to an underage person, may be liable for injury or damage resulting from that intoxicated minor’s actions. 

Read the rest »

Simplicity Bassinet Recall After Infant Deaths

By Eddie Farah on August 29, 2008


The Consumer Product Safety Commission, along with six retailers, is recalling nearly 900,000 Simplicity bassinets because of a strangling hazard. 

The recall follows the death last week of an infant girl from Kansas who became entrapped between the bed’s metal bars. Last year another infant girl from Missouri died when she strangled in the bars of the bassinet.

The Simplicity 3-in-1 and 4-in-1 convertible bassinets have metal bars that are covered by an adjustable fabric, attached by Velcro.

Read the rest »

Highway Safety During Hurricane, Tropical Storm

By Eddie Farah on August 28, 2008


It’s hard to imagine what might cause people to take to the roads during a hurricane or tropical storm but Fay, which just passed through our area, took a number of lives, including a teenage girl who was the head of her class as Paxon.

Now the Florida Highway Patrol is issuing safety tips as a precaution before Tropical Storm Gustav hits Florida.

First on the list is to stay put! Even if a hurricane never materialized, a Tropical Storm, with its extended rain and wind and the aftermath, can lead to injuries and deaths.  Sightseers impede roads for emergency personnel to pass. Read the rest »

Uninsured Patients Given The Right To Know

By Eddie Farah on August 23, 2008


Beginning the first day of next year, the Health Care Consumer’s Right to Information Act becomes law. 

This will provide the uninsured medical consumer with reliable and understandable information about health care charges so a patient can make an informed decision.

Often it is the uninsured patient, seeking doctor or hospital services, who is charged a full retail rate, which is higher than the rate an insured patient pays.

That’s because an insured patient’s insurance company has generally negotiated a more reasonable rate for medical procedures. Read the rest »

Seven Deaths From Fay, Many Traffic Related

By Eddie Farah on August 23, 2008


As Tropical Storm Fay leaves our area of north Florida, we’re accessing the damage she left behind in the state, especially on the roads.

People were told to stay home and stay off the roads because of the unpredictable nature of this storm, but not everyone minded and seven people lost their lives during the four days.

Two men were in their vehicle Thursday morning when a tree fell on their car in Nassau County.  The passenger, Roberto Constantino, 27, of Tijuana, Mexico died from the felled maple. The driver was hospitalized. Read the rest »

Doctors Learn To Apologize Cuts Down On Lawsuits

By Eddie Farah on August 22, 2008


This doesn’t happen very often. If it did, there would be fewer medical malpractice lawsuits, and that would be okay. 

When the chief of staff at a Veterans Hospital in Tampa told the family of a man who died he was sorry, he broke the mold.

Doctors rarely say they are sorry, even when they make horrible mistakes.

There is a national movement afoot to change that. It’s called Sorry Works! Coalition and its founder Doug Wojcieszak calls it a “massive cultural shift.” Read the rest »

Storm Coming Concerns Motorists

By Eddie Farah on August 18, 2008


With high winds from Hurricane Fay predicted to hit the Jacksonville area this week, the Department of Transportation reports that motorists are calling to find out if roads will be closed.

Motorists can call 511 for traffic information. Newly constructed electronic signs along portions of I-95 will keep drivers updated on any road or bridge closures.

Bridges are a concern as well as the new elevated flyovers that take cars high above the congestion below. 

When are winds too high to travel on them?  The DOT says there is no wind threshold that requires vehicles to stay off the elevated roadways. It’s up to the local law enforcement.

Read the rest »

Allstate Gives Rate Cuts To Homeowners

By Eddie Farah on August 16, 2008


Florida and Allstate Insurance have settled their differences with state insurance regulators and the news is good for consumers for a change.  

The Northbrook, Illinois company is giving Florida homeowners an additional 5.6 percent rate cut, as part of a settlement. That means homeowners can expect a 19.8 percent homeowners cut in rates since June of last year.

The insurer will also offer coverage to 100,000 more Floridians against hurricanes and other perils; pay a $5 million fine; and forgive a $175 million loan to its Florida subsidiaries.

Read the rest »

Posted in: Big Insurance

Motorcyclist Hits FHP Trooper

By Eddie Farah on August 15, 2008


An accident on the Buckman Bridge in Jacksonville has sent a motorcyclist to the hospital in critical condition.  

26-year old Frank Belarde was on the bridge when he reportedly lost control of his motorcycle and slammed into the back of a northbound Florida Highway Patrol cruiser.

Belarde is in Shands-Jacksonville with life-threatening injuries. He may be charged with drinking and driving. 

Luckily the trooper Tyra Keplinger was not hurt in the wreck, but her Ford Crown Victoria was not so lucky. It sustained about $3,000 in damage.

Read the rest »

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